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Roleplay Haven


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Welcome to our LJ for Roleplay Haven. This is also the name of our Yahoo Group where many of us like to talk, read and write about wonderfully talented men ... and even some women! It's mainly a roleplaying group where we take men and women characters played by actors and interact with other members who are doing the same thing to create many a new story for them within our fictional city called Havensport. We hope you'll take a look around our website, check out the fan fiction page of canon stories at Words From The Wasteland, and maybe even join us at the Yahoo Group, if you are at least 18, for interacting with us and our characters in ways that are beyond canon, as in beyond their movies/television shows/books, etc. Even if you're not a writer/roleplayer, we hope you'll join for the reading! We really appreciate all members, active and non-active ones, on our very friendly and diverse group of many kinds of writings. Please keep in mind that any writings on either site are not for profit and not intended to be offensive to anyone. We do not own these characters and make no claims that we do. We're just a fan site that enjoys playing with them. Thank you!

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